Secure roofrack transport and storage for your Kayaks!


I developed this design in order to speed up the process of loading and unloading the four family Kayaks from the roof of our van.

Ideally I wanted this to be a one person process, not possible with J bars as we needed to hold the Kayaks in place while threading and tightening straps.   I also found tying off the loose ends of the straps very time consuming, and at the end of the day the valuable boats were still not secure from theft.

The C bar design solves all these problems, by replacing the conventional J bar and strap with a C shaped clamping design.

This design is adaptable and can be used for off vehicle storage, on roofracks or on trailers with equal ease.

This is a design which we are looking to put into small volume production.   We also recognise the basic design of this product is adaptable to other applications - enquiries welcome if you think you can put the product to good use!


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UK Registered design number 6003097.