Outside Engineering is a small business based in Currie, just outside Edinburgh. Following a number of years working in the Marine, Renewables and Defence industries while pursuing semi professional and recreational interests in the outdoors, Niall Skinner saw the need for a small company supplying well engineered, affordable products to address the needs of outdoor enthusiasts where sales volumes are too small for the major equipment providers to show an interest.

Our interest and expertise lies in the provision of small volume and custom designs to suit particular needs:

  • Transporting outdoor equipment on your vehicle

  • Highly portable moving and handling solutions

  • Equipment modification / adaptation for particular requirements

  • Mobile power and safety solutions

  • 3D modelling and rapid manufacture techniques

We are a family business and the inspiration for a number of initial products comes from getting kids into the outdoors (and to and from it) without killing the parents in the process! The Lift Assist Roofrack System (LARS) is my solution to getting 4 kayaks onto a roof myself, while my wife gets the cold kids changed and warmed up. The locking C bars allow single person loading of boats onto the rack and simultaneously eliminate time consuming and unreliable straps while providing anti theft security. Looking to get kids involved in a number of outdoor sports while on a budget we have developed a number of solutions from new designs to adaptation and refurbishment of existing equipment, while with a background in Ski-ing, Mountaineering, Watersports, Physiotherapy, Mechanical Engineering, Product Design, outdoors trauma care and rescue we are confident we can develop solutions to your particular needs as well. Please get in touch and see what we can offer.